Add yellow legwear for immediate sunshine! yellow grey sweateryellow cab lightyellow and polka dots

I am over winter.  I am over the snow, the ice, and the snirt.  However, at FOOT TRAFFIC we know that there is still more snow coming and the chill of winter will linger into spring. Therefore, we think it is time to add bright colors to our tired winter-weary wardrobes to perk things up. As we transition from winter into spring, let’s bring some color and humor to our lives. Why be so serious!?! At Foot Traffic we have lots of socks and legwear ideas that should bring a smile to your face on a cold February and March day.
Add Bright Yellow monkeys
A pair of yellow tights or fun socks as a great place to start. Yellow mixes well with so many winter colors such as grey, black, denim blue, red… Yellow changes any outfit from drab to fun as seen in these awesome photos. We also recommend fun yellow socks to add sunshine to your feet–our smiley face socks!
So, while you are looking out the window at the dark overcast sky, add some sunshine yellow to your feet and you will be happy from head to toe!

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