star gazing

Winter is one of my favorite times of the year. Not for the snow, but because I can see some pretty amazing things in the night sky.

This time of the year is when many of the planets are visible in twilight hours, and they outshine many stars. Most of the time you need a telescope to view these beautiful sights, but thanks to the positioning of the planets in winter we can see several of them with our naked eyes.

It is often cold when I want to view these spectacular sights, so I make sure to bundle up. Foot Traffic’s Planets are the perfect pair of socks for this occasion! They keep my toes cozy, and they can even be a helpful little cheat sheet to find the planets.  The socks even come in  men’s, women’s sizes and kids  so everyone can participate in the adventure.

Here are a few tips on what to look for!

Around dusk, one hour after sunset Mercury will be very low on the northwestern horizon line. In the early mornings before the sun rises Mars will be directly above the Moon, and slightly to the west. Last but not least, Orion should be visible directly in the center of the sky for the entire evening.

So next time it is dark winter night, take a step outside and look to the skies.


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