And the Oscar goes to…


It’s time for the Academy awards and Hollywood is a-buzz as nominees have been named for 2014 academy awards. Some of Hollywood’s favorites were snubbed as others are actually surprised by their nominations. Lucky for us viewers, it has been a year of great movies as we have been offered a wealth of incredible choices. Preparing to have an opinion of the winners in each category, we boost ticket sales and head to the theaters to be entertained on the big screen or we watch in the comfort of our jammies and a bowl of popcorn at home.

Couple sitting on sofa watching television with bowl of popcorn smiling

But what will you be doing on Oscar night, Sunday, March 2? The stars will certainly be out celebrating and walking the red carpet, smiling and strutting for the cameras, enjoying the annual celebration, the most watched of all award shows.

But what about YOU?

Will you be all decked out at a “watch” party or casually viewing at home, strewn on the couch with snacks and favorite beverage? For me, I will most likely be the latter but that is my choice. I love seeing all of the glamour and the “how-did-they-do-that?” hairdos. But I will be dressed casually in my favorite jeans and t-shirt. And, I will be sporting my favorite movie-watching socks—my popcorn socks. That is as glamorous as I get. I can’t wait!


What will you wear to watch the Academy awards?

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