FOOT TRAFFIC- Out with the old—In with the new!

At Foot Traffic, now that we have begun another year, we spend a lot of time looking back at the previous year, reflecting on our business hits and misses. We count on sales history, retailer feedback and good luck to guide us as we look ahead to new opportunities. We barely catch our breath from the holiday sales and even in the chilly winter weather, we are already selling items for spring and summer. But that is the way retail works.
We had a great year in 2013 and are celebrating from head to toe. But we know that each year presents challenges and we need to be ready. No problem— we thrive on new challenges and opportunities!
In 2013, we added many new items to our already large line of legwear and funny socks.  And, we are currently beginning our designs for 2014, particularly the novelty sock lines, for men and women. We track sales and trends to come up with new ideas but we also like to listen to you, our loyal customers, for new themes and ideas.  About two years ago, a customer asked us to design a pair of socks with books on it. We decided that idea might work, so we added it and —voila! It has been a great success for Foot Traffic! So, if you have any great ideas for, let us know what you would like. We appreciate feedback and can only get better if you tell us what you want. 

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