At this magical time of year, as a young girl…..

nutcracker balletdancer legwarmers               …I remember going downtown with my mom to see The Nutcracker Ballet, not once but perhaps 4 or 5 times. Being a self-proclaimed ballerina, I was mesmerized by the dancers, the costumes, the music and the magic of the performance.
Just as the dancers wore leg warmers off stage, so did I as a young girl when coming to and from dance class.  Today, dancers young and old wear leg warmers to keep their calf and ankle muscles warm and cramp -free.

But leg warmers aren’t just for dancers. Today, leg warmers can be seen at the gym as CrossFit enthusiasts keep their leg muscles warm during workouts.  They are also a significant fashion staple that offers not only fashion but function—warmth! With so many styles of shoes, booties and boots, the possibilities for adding legwarmers to legwarmers bootsyour look for added color, texture and warmth are endless. Again this winter season, leg warmers continue to be a staple legwear accessory.  Wearing skirts and boots through the winter is as common as jeans, and leg warmers add that extra layer of warmth needed whether running across campus, running our kids to school running errands, or just running!  Layer a pair over skinny jeans and tall boots or tuck them in your favorite pair of cowboy boots.
Whether a dancer, CrossFit enthusiast, or warmth-seeking fashionista, be sure to add leg warmers to your holiday wish list and give them as gifts to all of your awesome friends!

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