10 reasons why Santa loves NOVELTY SOCKS

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Santa loves FOOT TRAFFIC socks because they are:

1.      Fun! Bright colors and bright designs for both men and women make it easy for Santa to choose gifts for everyone on his list

2.      Functional. They fit and are made of high quality cotton- perfect for holiday parties!

3.      Easy to wrap and send. (They pack easily on Santa’s sleigh)

4.      A great gift presenter. Tuck a gift card inside for an additional surprise

5.      Personal to the recipient. Over 200 designs to find just the right pair for all good “girls and boys”

6.      A fun host and hostess gift. Santa enjoys parties too!

7.      Perfect stocking stuffers that fit neatly in the stocking

8.      Ideal for the holiday SECRET SANTA gift exchange

9.      Great conversation starters- you WILL be noticed

10.    Less than $10/pair! Santa loves a good gift at a good price!

So, like Santa, shop now and enjoy our largest selection ever.  One shopping trip to the FOOT TRAFFIC website and you will have holiday gifts for everyone…and yourself!


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