There has never been a better time than now to be in the socks and legwear business. As you might suspect, our primary customers are women who have a plethora of accessories to change their wardrobe.  Men don’t have as many choices. However, beyond the basic tie, men have found that socks are a great way to showcase their personality without jeopardizing their jobs in the office.  Now, more than ever, men are gaining confidence and wearing fun socks.
Our guest blogger is Mr. Pepper, the husband and partner of Jessie Artigue, a New York blogger and favorite fashionista. Mr. Pepper, who has his blog, GUY STYLE featured on STYLE & PEPPER, has graciously agreed to help us learn more about this rapidly growing trend.
Gerard fullWe have seen an explosion of interest in men’s socks in fashion. Why now?

I’d say it’s due to a few factors, but the main reason has been the growing popularity of a more fitted pant. We’ve finally ditched our Dad’s “full break” in front of the ankle and so our pant hems are brushing the tops of our shoes instead of draping over them till they hit the floor.  As a result, our pants tend to show off our socks when we walk, and that makes them a much more visible part of the wardrobe.  It seems like men are really embracing the opportunity to give expression to what has normally been dull and boring, and as a result are demanding more from their socks.

Is there a certain kind of guy that wears creative socks?

I think every man can wear creative socks, even if it’s a conservative, monochromatic, herringbone pattern. It might not be super adventurous, but it’s an easy creative sock pattern that anyone can pull off, no matter the context.. From suits to jeans, there is almost always an opportunity to trade your boring socks for a creative pair. 

What do you think about other guys that wear fun fashion socks?

To me, when I see a guy wearing fashion forward socks, I instantly know I’m dealing with someone who has some confidence in himself.  It says, “I know who I am, and I’m not bothered by being different.”

How often do you wear fashion socks vs. conservative, solid socks?

I wear solid socks about twice a week.  It’s usually because my shoes are an stand out color (like my red suede wingtips) or I’ve run out of clean fashion socks, in which case I’ll often go down to no-shows before I don the solids.  

How many pairs of fun fashion socks do you own?

I have about 10 pairs right now, from polka dots to argyle. Once I eventually realized that I was always searching for a creative pair of socks in the morning, I stopped buying solids.

Where do you shop for your fun socks?

While it’s always easy to stop by J.Crew for a good pair of socks that have a unique color to them, I’ve really been loving my set I bought from  Those guys know how to make a quality, affordable sock. And, of course, I love Foot Traffic men’s socks for their broad selection of fun designs and consistent great quality. These are some of my favorites…

FTmen's socksHow do you suggest men wear fun socks? Do they match your tie, shirt, etc? OR, do they just stand on their own?

It really depends.  If you match your socks TOO well, it comes off a little cheesy, and if they clash, you can end up looking like a clown. I usually like to match them to my tie or to a secondary color in my shirt.  That’s a great way to keep it in the same color family without looking like your mom picked out your outfit in the morning.  

Since most of our blog readers at FOOT TRAFFIC are women, what words of encouragement can you tell them about giving their guys fun socks?  

If your guy is new to wearing fashionable socks, I suggest keeping it more simple when giving them fun socks.  Stick to striped socks that are cooler colors (grey stripes on navy) that aren’t too light or bright.  It takes time to get used to making your ankles a point of attention, so be patient with your guy.  He’ll get there, just give him some time and the occasional new sock that will push him in the right direction.


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