Colorful Fall/Winter Legwear

Color your world this fall/ winter season!

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With the first blast of cold air, we quickly tuck away our summer brights and turn to our favorite dark colors such as grey, black, brown, burgundy and navy. It is a wonderful, welcome change.  But, don’t be so quick to go all dark. Pepper in some colorful solid tights, leggings, and socks  with your fall and winter wardrobe.
A touch of fresh color will brighten those dark cold days. As seen over and over on the fashion runway this fall, color creates a cheerful and surprising look. These photos are from Accessories Magazine, showcasing Fall/Winter 2013 London:Legwear and feature many looks that include great colorful legwear when combined with the darker colors.

So, don’t be afraid of the dark…just add a touch of color!

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