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This fall is all about playful texture combinations, layering, and dressing to make you feel good.  There are so many fashion looks this fall, you can have a new look every day! Key trends include menswear, camouflage, lace, leather, plaid, fur (fake and real), and of course lots of color and texture.  You can mix and match all the above or streamline your choices to whatever the look is that you are trying to achieve. The point is, spend time having fun with your wardrobe, and add new accessories as an easy way to change it up.

Of course, at FOOT TRAFFIC, our favorite accessory for fall is fashion legwear. Thigh high boots, booties, flats and comfort shoes are everywhere, but you need legwear to pull off the looks, especially as the weather changes and you need to keep your legs warm.  Our good friends at J. Hathaway Shoe Boutique and E.J.’s Boutique shared many of their fall shoe and clothing collections to support our Fall/holiday  LOOK BOOK photo shoot.

Our 2013 FALL/HOLIDAY LOOK BOOK  is full of simple ideas to layer different textures, showcase your legs or your shoes and most of all, to be comfortable in your clothes and with your personal style. Whether your choice is tights, leggings,

knee high socks  or legwear adds a pop of color, pattern, and texture to any fall and winter outfit.

With a little imagination, lots of sass and confidence, enjoy the fashion fun that this season offers.

Let us know what FOOT TRAFFIC legwear you will be wearing this fall!                      

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