Get in the Halloween “spirit” with fun costume ideas.
Of course the favorites are always a safe bet–fairies, princesses, skeletons, zombies, etc.  But there are a lot of other ideas out there so be creative! Pulling a costume together requires a lot of imagination, a trip to thrift stores and Halloween pop-up stores.  It takes time and you need to plan ahead. Of course, legwear can be one of the key  items you will need to embellish your  costume and some items may be  difficult to find.  FOOT TRAFFIC is a great source for fashion tights and leggings as well as fun socks, knee highs,and thigh highs. You will most likely scare up the perfect solution on our website.

There are some great  costume ideas out there so pick one and get your Halloween started! Here are just a few…

Peter Pan- Green tights

Katniss Everdeen- Hunger Games- black cotton tights or black fleece tights

Honey Boo Boo- white lace socks

Pirates thigh highs/Over-the-Knee Socks or fishnet tights

Vampires and zombies- black tights

Duck Dynasty-camouflage anything

Bat Woman – large fishnet tights

Fifty Shades of Grey(Anastacia Steele)- grey tights

Raggedy Ann and Andy- red/white stripe tights or thigh highs 

Nurse- white tights or thigh highs

Ballerina- Ballerina knee high socks

Make your shopping easy and order today to get your legwear for Halloween!


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