September and October are transition months. The weather is fickle as we layer on clothes for the chilly evenings and shed our outerwear for the warmer days.  We don’t want to put everything away just yet, but we are tired of our summer clothes and anxious to move into the fall season.  Of course, transitioning from one season to another takes a little work as we move our closets around, decide what to buy for the upcoming season, and what to get rid of for various reasons. It takes discipline and a little time to make the transition but it is worth it in the end.

Transitioning means:
 Get rid of old clothes– As you are packing your clothes or moving them to the back of the closet, be diligent and honest with yourself. If you have clothes that you don’t wear or they don’t fit, donate, resell or throw them away if they are worn out. You will feel so much better when you have more space in your closet and when you have donated items for someone else to enjoy.

Get your closets and drawers organized-Now that you have weeded out the clothes you don’t need or want, organize your favorite items by format such as all blouses together, hang all pants together, etc. Take it a step further and organize by color. Your closet will look amazing. Clean out your drawers and get rid of old worn out scarves, lingerie, socks and legwear that need replenishing.

Evaluate your accessories– Now that you can see what you have for fall, evaluate your accessories and see what you will need to update your wardrobe for fall.  Accessories are the easiest way to update your wardrobe without cleaning out your bank account.  Are there scarves that need to be recycled? What about your tights, leggings, socks? Do you have the right legwear colors and textures for fall to showcase your boots, booties and killer heels?

Here are a few legwear essentials for fall that you might want to consider:



SOLID COLOR Microfiber TIGHTS in new fall colors


ad_3vtsmC_6oyqWvoFNFc2Potct9uGU55QH08PWUZqYAll of the careful organizing will save you money because you probably already have what is in style for the season— the fashion has not changed much from last year. All you will need are a few accessory pieces that you just can’t live without and new awesome legwear to update your look and refresh worn out tights, leggings and socks.
Getting your clothes organized for fall is really a “must” and the sooner you get ahead of the cold weather, the sooner you will have time to enjoy all of the festivities that the fall has to offer!

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