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 photoCamo fashion from head to toe….

Camo fashion never seems to go out of style. Whether influenced by the military or the popularity of hunting and fishing, camouflage has worked its way into many designers collection for fall 2013. As a pattern, camouflage was originally  intended to  “disguise or hide” but today with camo fashion being such a fun fashion trend, you will certainly be noticed.  The influence of camoflauge can be as simple as a t-shirt from a discount store or high end fashion.To understand the history of camouflage, I came across this interesting article about the first camouflage military attire in France.

“It is a wonderful opportunity, this game of hokus-pokus,” the New York Times mused in a 1917 Op-Ed about the newfangled concept of “camouflage,” borrowed from the French word camoufler,”to disguise.” Just two years earlier, France had established the world’s first military team dedicated to stealth attire, after a crushing defeat at the hands of German troops convinced French generals that their armed forces should forgo their stylish white gloves and pantalons rouges for a more muted look.”

We all know that camouflage attire is a very serious matter for our troops in various parts of the world where the proper camo design is adjusted to disguise the troops based on the regional terrain.
In the early 70’s, camo was brought to the sport of hunting as various patterns were created to hide the hunters from the prey. Today, sporting stores such as Dick’s, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro sell thousands of dollars of camouflage outfits and accessories.

One of the most popular reality TV shows is DUCK DYNASTY and their influence on the camo trend cannot be ignored. This camo-clad outdoor family premiered on A&E television in spring 2012 and their third season finale drew 9.6 million viewers. They are a fun-loving, close-knit family that has made a fortune that started with hand-crafted duck calls.

camoAlthough the fashion trend for fall/winter 2013 is not to sport a head to toe camo outfit, there is room for a touch of camouflage from t-shirts, jackets, and pants to accessories such as purses, hats and legwear such as tights, , toe socks  and leggings.

And, the good news is that this trend includes both men’s and women’s fashion.
As seen on the fall runway, there is camo fashion for everyone!

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