18th Street Fashion shows off Foot Traffic Legwear


In early June 2013, the West 18th Street Fashion one again attracted visitors to the Crossroads Arts District as this year’s theme, Gilded Summer, set the stage for 18 talented young designers to showcase their fashion collections to a sellout crowd of over 2000.
Not to be disappointed, each collection was fun and full of texture, color and surprises. As one of the sponsors of the show, Foot Traffic offered the designers the opportunity to choose from our fashion tights, leggings, and fun socks to accessorize their collection.
We met with one of the delightful young designers, Quinn Mahler, of the Brockstar and Quinness collection, who talked about the collection she designed with Bryan Brock.  

“At our final critique before our collection was to the hit the runway at the West 18th Street Fashion show our producer posed this question to me and my partner:

How were we going to create a greater sense of unity between each of the five looks in the collection?

The answer would come down to style and we found ourselves searching for the missing piece that would complement each look while adding consistency to the collection. Our designs referenced the historical elegance of garments in the early 1900’s and the societal decay of the Gilded Age. Deconstructed materials accompanied polished construction.

After assessing the collection formally and conceptually we realized we had failed to address one critical style element: legwear.

Our producer recommended we visit Foot Traffic and with just a week to go we made an appointment to check out what they had to offer. We needed something edgy to complement the deconstructed and distressed materials while retaining an element of femininity and elegance. When we arrived at Foot Traffic the next day, we were relieved to see an incredible selection legwear lovers dream would about and even more relieved when we found exactly what our collection was missing. Each girl would wear a pair of faux garter thigh highs accented with pink ruffled socks which would be pulled over their heels.

After the fact, we wondered why we hadn’t thought of it sooner. Our looks were complete and finally runway ready. Legwear is so easy to underestimate but it can be a powerful tool in completing a look. The thigh highs added an edgy sense of sophistication and the pink socks created one consistent style that acted as a solution for our five models that each had drastically different shoes. As designers, I think it’s easy to concentrate solely on the garment to tell the story of the collection. My experience during the West 18th street fashion show reminded me that whether you’re on the runway or running errands, legwear is an opportunity to complete a look in a unique and memorable way.”

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