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photoI am not sure why I love the color turquoise so much. Perhaps it is because it brings to memory the beautiful ocean waters of the Caribbean.  I happen to be an Aquarian and turquoise is the Plantary stone for Aquarius (as well as  Taurus, and Sagittarius). Whether I am wearing turquoise clothing, turquoise jewelry, or looking at the turquoise waters, I always feel calm, inspired, and balanced. The power that this color has on me is difficult to explain so I went to the website to better understand the meaning of turquoise. According to Sherwin –Williams website, 

 “In terms of color psychology, turquoise – because it sits on the color scale between blue and green – radiates the peace, calm and tranquility of blue; the balance and growth of green; and the uplifting energy of yellow. Turquoise is thought to enhance the ability to focus and concentrate, assisting with clear thinking and decision-making, and the development of good organizational skills. It is also thought to have a calming influence, helping to heal the emotions and restore depleted energies.”

The origin of the name “turquoise”

The name “turquoise” comes from the stone, which has been mined around the world in Iran, the Southwestern United States, the Sinai Peninsula, and China. It is most likely derived from the French word, turquoise, which means “Turkish” when French traders first obtained the mineral from Turkish bazaars in the 16th century. The turquoise was brought to Europe from the mines in historical Khorasan Province of Iran.

Considered a sacred stone to North American Indians as well as the Tibetans, it is used in ceremonies and rituals by shamans to promote mental and spiritual clarity and to enhance wisdom, trust, kindness, and understanding.

The color turquoise actually includes a range of colors, from teal to peacock to soft aqua. The range of colors  is due to the various colors of the stone, depending on the origin and the age.

Pantone color of the year

As a popular color in the 50’s, turquoise was often used in diners, home décor objects and interior colors. In 2010, turquoise was named by Pantone as the color of the year. Today, turquoise is experiencing overwhelming popularity once again in both fashion and home décor. This calming yet bright color combines well with other colors and is seen in every fashion and home décor magazine as a primary or secondary color.  A recent book, The Art of Turquoise, by Mary Emmerling, includes beautiful visuals of vintage and new turquoise jewelry, home décor, and artifacts.


 Turquoise at Foot Traffic

At Foot Traffic, our turquoise microfiber tights, leggings and trouser socks look great with the current fashion trends, such as short skirts, shorts, and dresses.  In the various shades of teal, peacock and turquoise, you will certainly find the perfect color that makes you feel great.  Perhaps this healing, refreshing color is just what you need to add balance and uplifting energy.

We hope to see you wearing turquoise this spring and summer!

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