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I recently had the opportunity to travel to Asia and managed to do a fair share of people watching. I always find Asian fashion to be as exciting as New York or Paris. Watching the young women and men bustle through the streets in their up-to-date attire is curious, inspiring, and always fun. This time was no different. And one of the hottest trends I saw over and over again was the combination of shorts and tights. I have witnessed this trend on the streets for the last two years but never like this. Shorts varied from torn cut-off jeans to lace, stripes, leather, etc.
This exciting look takes advantage of tights like no other fashion trend.
Women were wearing every style of tights from black to navy, from sheer to textures to opaque. So much variety! The coordinating tights elongate the legs and depending on the shoes or boots, make the wearer look tall and sleek. The shorts and tights were most often topped with a blazer, men’s jacket or large shirt.
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Are you ready to wear shorts and tights this spring?!

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