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What legwear is under your dress?

‘Tis the time of year when the birds are building their nests, geese are laying their eggs and it is clear that love is in the air!  Ah, the time for young men and women to commit to one another in joyful matrimony. The magazines are full of ideas and ways to make each wedding as unique as the two lovebirds involved. 

So not to add to the mayhem, there are ways to make the wedding not only beautiful, but ways to make the bride and groom show their personality. The bride is usually selecting a dress and veil that makes her feel pretty, radiant, feminine and yes, sexy. But what about comfort and fun?  That’s where Foot Traffic can offer some ideas…

What are you wearing under the dress? 

Have some fun with your shoes and legwear! I am talking about the shoes and the tights, fun socks, or hosiery. Add that special surprise when the groom goes for the garter. We have some ideas that hopefully you will remember while enjoying the beauty of your wedding.

The wedding day is your day– make it a day to remember forever!

What are you wearing under your wedding dress?


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