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Although Foot Traffic has been around for over 25 years, it wasn’t until 2006 that we moved into a beautifully renovated historic building.  Most of the floors of the building were empty and evacuated prior to the renovation. When Charlie, the President and founder of Foot Traffic, was going through the building with the architects, he found this note taped to a pillar on one of the empty floors. A photo of our renovated building is in our About Us page.

“Of all the Things You Wear, Your Expression is the Most Important”

Today at our office we have that piece of paper attached to our wall as a humble reminder that even when you are wearing the most creative, most stunning outfit ( fashionable legwear included of course!), it is your personal expression that matters the most.  So don’t forget to be yourself. Let your personal style and expression be your best accessory.

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