Right under our FOOT TRAFFIC logo are the words FUN. FASHION. FIT.

We take our tagline seriously and use these simple words to guide our product development process.

At Foot Traffic, we take FUN seriously.  We love legwear and have a lot of fun working with our designers to create fun legwear and socks so you can have fun too.  Our novelty socks and knee highs allow men and women to express their personal style with over 200 designs to choose from.

We take FASHION seriously too. We like to make sure that we have the most up to date legwear solutions at a great value so you can make a fashion statement just by changing your legwear, such as tights, footless tights, socks, OTK’s, and knee highs.  We attend fashion shows, devour fashion magazines, and listen to you so we can develop the latest colors and textures.

We also take FIT seriously. We try our best to make sure that our legwear fits most women.  For the past 20 years, we have been working with our vendors to bring you proprietary materials and construction that not only looks good, but feels good. We know that no one likes to have their tights or footless tights slide down.  Our solid colored tights and footless tights are made with top quality microfiber and nylon to ensure maximum stretch and fit.  Because we hand print all of our printed tights, trouser socks, and footless tights, we use the microfiber/nylon legwear as a base to print on to giving you the most comfortable tights and footless tights on the market.

Now isn’t that fun? Seriously!  

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