DIYers – We have socks for you!

I happen to be a DIYer and have found that most DIYers love colors, textures and the creativity involved with making something or putting something together-everything from home décor to fashion. There has never been so much activity around creative crafting and ETSY has a lot to do with enabling creative spirits to share and sell their work. ETSY has grown so much that it now represents thousands of DIYers around the world as creative enthusiasts share their love of handmade items. That creative spirit spills over into fashion as most DIYers show their one-of-a-kind personality through their fun wardrobe, combining textures, colors and patterns in unique ways.

At FOOT TRAFFIC, we love DIYers! All of our tights, footless tights and socks allow you to be as creative as you want this spring. And, we have added some new socks especially for you!

For the sewing enthusiasts …


For the fashionista…

Of course, for the crafter, all of our socks are the perfect colors and textures for sock monkeys and other adorable animals. We hope that you will try mixing and matching our socks for either your own personal fashion style or to transform into wonderful craft projects!


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