WOW! It is the time of year for star watching and the Grammys did not disappoint!

The stars put on quite a show for us at home as we gawked at those that followed the rules and those that dared to show some skin. But that is so yesterday!

Now we have the Oscars to look forward to this week. It’s time to think about not only what all of the celebrities are going to wear, but what are YOU going to wear?  This is no ordinary event so whether you are staying home or attending a “watch” party, with a few glamorous accessories you too can attract the paparazzi and feel like you belong at the Oscars!

Here are a few tips on getting your glam on:

  • Visit a local thrift store and buy a gown or glitzy jacket….then re-donate after the show
  • Jewelry- Bling it up!- Sequins, diamonds, rhinestones- the bigger the better
  • Make-up -If you think you have enough make up on, take it up another notch. False eyelashes are a must.
  • Glamorous legwear ideas– Rhinestone leggings; textured tights.

Have fun and enjoy the night!

Images in Order from Left to Right: 

1. Polka Dot Tights ( no longer available)

2. Acapulco Textured Tights, $15

3. Lima Texture Tights, $15

4. Applique Footless Tights, $14



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