It’s hard to believe that the holidays are here already!

I confess, I say that every year. And every year I am behind before I even begin. If I am lucky enough to get invited to a holiday party, I scramble to find something “blingy” or festive for the occasion. It was so easy in the seventies! Just put on your festive holiday sweater, pull on your elastic waist black pants and you were ready to party!

Gone are the days of wearing something only once-unless you are a Kardashian! Today, we have to be thrifty and creative without sacrificing quality and style. It’s all about how to change up something to make it perfect for the occasion.

I have always been a believer in the little black dress. If you have a quality black dress that fits great and you feel confident in, then it becomes a canvas for changing it up for any occasion. And here’s the secret, it’s all about the legwear! With the right legwear, you can change your look from event to event. Style is all about how you put your outfits together. Whether it’s tights, socks or leggings, the possibilities are endless and within your style and your budget!

How about adding some sass wearing bling leggings with a killer pair of red heels?
Or, how about red tights to go with your black booties?
Or, how about fun red and white tights if you are feeling feisty?…(Oh, you little elf!)
Or, just a fun bright color to brighten the holidays?

Whatever you do this holiday, know that legwear is an inexpensive yet quality way to add some attitude and class to your holiday ensembles. Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you! Get your secret collection of fun legwear and let the holidays begin!

What’s your holiday fashion secret?

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