What Your Socks Say About You…..

We love  men’s fun  socks—stripe socks, beer socks, flag socks—all kinds of fun novelty socks! You just have to smile when you see a man in fun socks. And don’t forget, just like your tie tells a story about you, so do your socks!

Five Things Your Socks Say About You:

  1. You are a fun person– I mean, who doesn’t think socks are a fun way to spice up an outfit?
  2. You have courage– It takes courage to reach into your sock drawer and pull out the smiley face socks instead of the basic black ones; but you can do it! Yes, you can!
  3. You have a personality– Why wear just a plain pair of socks when you can show your hobbies or interests on your socks? Beer? Wine? Stock market? Bowling? Your socks can be a great conversation starter with the ladies and at the water cooler…….
  4. You have style– Your funny sock choice magnifies your sense of style by matching your socks with your work, play and exercise.
  5. You are kind– You love your crazy socks so much that you buy a pair for your best friends so they can be as cool as you!

Start your day by putting your best foot forward wearing socks that tell your story!

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