Fall 2012 Look Book

Fun and Fashion Legwear for Fall

It’s that time of year and I finally admit that I am tired of the heat. Most of the country experienced a dry, hot summer and any temperature change for the cooler is a welcome relief. Thankfully, fall is upon us and we at Foot Traffic are overly excited as we scan the fall trends that are showcased in the fashion and style magazines.

That’s because legwear is a BIG part of the fall fashion equation

For sheer warmth, legwear has always been important, but this year particularly, with so much fashion energy around color, texture and layering, legwear is playing a key role in the stylings for fall and winter. In our latest Look Book, we tried our best to showcase some of the new looks for fall and winter and have changed our format this season to improve your viewing experience.

This season, our Look Book is about your style

Our job is to provide you with great quality products that help you express yourself, no matter what your style preferences are. Our Look Book is our fun way to share our fashion legwear ideas so that you can express your personal style from head to toe. And, the best part is, legwear is an inexpensive accessory that can make a big difference in your wardrobe. A color change, an interesting texture,or a bit of layering can take you from good to great.

Of course, the shoes and the outfit have to be great as well. We are forever grateful to our wonderful partners, Judy at EJ’s Boutique and Jill at J. Hathaway Shoes for letting us showcase their incredible clothes and shoes to help us tell our story. These boutiques hit the nail on the head for tasteful, fun, quality fashion that is just a step ahead.

Enjoy our Fall Look Book and let us know what you think!

What are your favorite styles from our Look Book?
How will you be transitioning your wardrobe into fall?

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