Model Takes the Heat for Foot Traffic in Cotton Leggings

Cotton leggings heat up for fall…

Modeling looks like a glamorous job but that is not always the case. Because we are finalizing the marketing of our new fall line of fashion legwear and socks, we need to have our fall photos ready for our catalog, ad campaigns and the soon-to-be-created fall look book.

For the upcoming fall issue of Accessories Magazine, we needed our fall ad submitted by July 2. The night that we could coordinate the model, the photographer and the location, the heat was on. Across the country we have experienced record-breaking highs, and the evening of the photo shoot was no exception. It was 104 degrees and our sweet model had to look fresh and cheerful as she donned a full sleeve dress, a scarf and our favorite cotton leggings.

So, how did we keep her comfortable? We had a car running with the air conditioner on for over 90 minutes as she ran back and forth from the car to the scene. A stylist dabbed her brow, freshened her hair, touched up her make-up and kept her hydrated while the photographer changed lighting, batteries, etc. Our model was a trooper as it took over 200 photos and two hours to get the right shot.


It looks easy but it is not. Coordinating the walk, the flow of the dress, the facial expression, and the lighting all takes time and patience. As you would imagine, we laughed a lot and sweat a lot.

At the end of the hot day, we are happy with our ad, and we hope that you like our signature line of combed cotton  tights!

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  1. falke leggings September 19, 2012 at 5:42 am #

    Model in cotton leggings is looking superb! Every thing seems to be well managed! Highly appreciable work!Perfectly laid out.Thank you for taking your time sharing this to you readers.

  2. Diana July 29, 2017 at 5:18 am #

    Your experience is appreciable and your model looks stunning in leggings. I also like cotton leggings and tights and I wear leggings on a daily basis, For my regular commute and work too.

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