Foot Traffic Opens One Box and Closes Another

At Foot Traffic, we are about celebrating. It can be the simplest things like a new sock design that makes us smile or a big thing like celebrating 25 years of growing a sock and legwear business from the ground up.

In 1998, the small but mighty Foot Traffic team decided to assemble a time capsule. It was actually a brown cardboard box concealed in a red trunk and stored for many years. In fact, no one could remember what was in the box, so we decided it was time to open it and reveal the questionable content. That, of course, called for a celebration.

In July, a party was planned and the guests included individuals that have had something to do with Foot Traffic who included the models , current and past employees and of course, the owner and mastermind of this great company, Charlie. Everyone was greeted with a pair of slipper socks to wear throughout the evening. Food and beverages were shared, as were funny stories—past and present.

The box was finally opened, and what was revealed included old catalogs, crazy fun photos at a much younger age, significant sales documents and personal items reflecting the inside stories of the past. A trivia game (teams organized by sock design) enlightened everyone about the fun historical facts of the company.

Everyone then contributed a “gift” to be put into a new time capsule box and sealed up for a future unveiling. The ballerina sock monkey made of Foot Traffic socks enjoyed one more glass of wine before being put added to the box. The box was then sealed shut and put into the red trunk.

Of course it was fun seeing what was in the box but what was most fun was getting together and sharing an evening of storytelling with a wonderful group of friends and coworkers, reminding us that the present is the best time of all.

An old Foot Traffic store…back when we had retail locations and were called d.b.a. Socks

Sealing up the new time capsule!

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