Foot Traffic Time Capsule Opening Party!

What’s in the Foot Traffic time capsule?

Who knows!?!…

On July 12, 2012, Foot Traffic will take time out of a very busy schedule to celebrate our past, our present and future. We are a small but mighty team and through the last 27 years, we have accumulated lots of fun memories, stories and fodder for conversation. Many employees, retailers and customers have contributed to making Foot Traffic a success and we decided to stop and celebrate just that. We are hosting a party to open a “time capsule” that was assembled in 1998…but no one remembers what is in it! We will find out as we unveil the box and take a trip down memory lane.

We are also recognizing the present–celebrating the energy and hard work of the collective Foot Traffic team–past and present.  It is hard work, but what could be more fun than making fashion legwear and fun socks?  And, we will be toasting the great retailers and customers that continue to support our brand and wear our products.

As a nod to the future, we will be assembling a new time capsule, each guest contributing something they think is representative of today, and fun to see in the future.  Who knows what will be assembled? What will the future bring?

What we do know is that we will do our best to make fun products and celebrate along the way. As Charlie, the president of Foot Traffic always says, “We take fun seriously!”

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