A Pair of Foot Traffc Socks Makes for a Pleasing Picnic

What is a Picnic?

I have great memories of going on picnics with my family as a child. Every family brought their favorite food lovingly made from scratch and we would talk, eat, play games and throw rocks in the river. Mom would spray my ankles with bug spray and I would wear shoes and socks to keep away the chiggers. Those were the days.

As I became an adult, picnics have become with an isolated occasion, like the last team baseball or soft ball game of the year. Picnics are not on the radar screen because I think they are a hassle. But are they?

I have recently changed my mind

I think a picnic is the act of eating something simple in an interesting location and enjoying the outdoors.  It could be on the rooftop of an office building or at a public park table. Just being outdoors and enjoying a simple meal, taking in the outdoors sounds, sights and smells is a picnic to me. Justin Bieber apparently feels the same and recently bought a couple of Subway sandwiches and took Selena to Griffith Park in LA for a low-key picnic.

Last week I was inspired when I saw two ladies who happened to be in their work dresses sitting on a bench on a busy street eating sandwiches out of a bag, enjoying being outside and watching the people. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s a picnic.

I have a friend who for the past several years has kept a small folded picnic cloth in her trunk for any opportunity to eat outdoors. I will add to that.  Keep a pair of “picnic socks” in your car for such an opportunity. Take your shoes off, put on your picnic socks and your feet will relax and therefore so will you.

With so many premade lunches, gourmet sandwiches and carry out dinners, I think tomorrow I will grab something to eat and go sit at a bench, sit under a tree or find a table and just enjoy a picnic in that little park close by. Oh, and I won’t forget my picnic socks.

 Do you have favorite picnic memories?

What is your definition of a picnic?


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