#TripleCrownSummer: Photos from the West 18th St. Fashion Show – Behind the Scenes at the Dress Rehearsal

As you may have read in our post from last week, Foot Traffic was a proud sponsor of the West 18th St. Fashion Show here in Kansas City, Missouri.

Any of the legwear the designers used in their collections came from Foot Traffic, and we absolutely LOVED seeing the interesting ways the designers worked in our pieces.

Stay tuned for a more detailed post later this week about the inspiration behind the designers’ collections!

1. Jester tights   2. Havana Textured tights  3. Vertical Stripe tights

This designer hand dip-dyed our Ivory Signature Cotton Tights

These are actually women’s diamond argyle socks, but he totally rocked ’em!

©SIMON KUO, Westside Studio

This designer used our black giant fishnets on almost all of her models

Check out our Facebook page for more photos from the rehearsal and show!

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