10 Reasons Why Socks are the Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

Are you looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Tired of giving ties and “Best Dad” coffee mugs?

No one knows “Dad” better than you, but sometimes finding the perfect gift seems impossible.

Look no further. Here are ten reasons why men’s novelty socks 

make the perfect gift:

1. Socks fit– no guessing  on size –one size fits all

2. Socks are fun– we have themes for every guy’s interest–music, beer, fishing, poker, dancing— you name it, we have it at Foot Traffic!

3. Socks make him a crowd pleaser– who doesn’t smile when they see a fun pair of socks?!

4. Socks are a great gift under ten dollars!

5. Socks can be easily mailed if Dad doesn’t live close by

6. Socks can be used as a beer coozie

7. Socks are functional– he wears socks every day so why not make it fun?!

8. Socks are a great conversation starter-they are the “new” tie

9. Socks make him cool– studies prove that men who wear fun socks are the coolest


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