Spring/Summer Trend: Color blocking is back…AGAIN!

Every year we talk about color blocking. It is not a new trend, but every year we get excited about it because it looks fresh and dramatic. We first saw color blocking in the early 60s when Yves Saint Laurent designed a classic shift style dress with blocks of color inspired by the artist Mondrian. In this design, he used primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.

With bright colors donning the cover of fashion magazines this spring, we are again seeing color blocking in clothes, two-toned shoes, purses, socks and jewelry. Color blocking takes a bit of bravery as it is a trend that requires some level of color wheel knowledge.

When putting together colors, combinations that work best can be found using the color wheel as a simple guide.

  • primary colors: (cannot be made by mixing other colors: red, yellow, blue)
  • secondary ( made by mixing two primaries: green, purple and orange)
  • complementary colors: those directly across on the color wheel
  • tertiary colors: colors made by mixing primary and secondary colors
  • analogous colors: colors next to one another on the color wheel

Everyone has their own fashion style but color blocking can fit anyone’s style just by changing a purse or shoes or adding bright colored tights, leggings or socks. If it is bold complementary colors or quieter analogous colors, give it a try and have fun mixing your own combinations.

What do you think of color blocking?

What is your favorite way to color block?


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