First Fridays: Faeries Flit About Foot Traffic

Last Friday was another First Friday here in Kansas City. For those of you who remember, First Friday is a time for local artists to display and sell their work, street performers to wow a crowd and food trucks to fight the hunger of the crowds.

This past Friday, Foot Traffic happened upon a group of faeries.

The Fae of the Wildwood is a performance arts group based in Kansas City that aims to “rekindle the whimsy and magic in both children and adults alike; the Fae of the Wildwood wish to further the belief in imagination and possibility.”

Fashion tights are central to the elaborate and whimsical costumes of the The Fae. Seeing this, Foot Traffic seized an opportunity to let the faeries roam the warehouse and pick out several pairs of tights that tickled their fancy.

Cobweb and Posie were oh-so delighted to have free reign of walls upon walls of tights and fashion legwear. Hand-in-hand, the gentle faeries poked through the printed tights and chose a few pairs that perfectly complimented their costumes

Cobweb and Posie are overwhelmed in the best way by Foot Traffic’s selection of textured tights

Posie is delighted at the sight of all those printed tights! 


“But I love both!”

In what turned out to be a tough decision, Posie finally settled on a pair of the Milan Rosewood Textured Tights to wear with her costume for the rest of the night. Her other selection was a pair of the Burgundy Rose Print Tights.

Posie is ready for her close up!


Cobweb settled on a pair of the lovely Swope Printed Tights, which pulled together her costume quite nicely. She especially loved the movement in the pattern. It almost gives the illusion of flowing strands of spider’s silk.

After the faeries chose their legwear, I followed them through the Crossroads streets and watched them interact with the crowds. They danced to live music, stopped to pose for photos with children and adults alike and left a trail of faerie dust behind them wherever they went.

What a wonderful encounter and great way to spend a Friday night!

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