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Jessie Antigua began style blogging right here in Kansas City, Missouri. Originally, her blog was called “The Concrete Catwalk.” Last year, she moved to the Big Apple to pursue her passion: fashion and style! Now blogging as “Style and Pepper,” Jessie has always done such a fabulous job of integrating legwear into her outfits in unique and fashion-forward ways. We love to follow Jessie for style inspiration! She works as a wardrobe stylist and creative consultant specializing in personal wardrobe styling, closet makeovers, photoshoot creative direction/styling, fashion forecasting, on-air style segments, visuals and merchandising for retail stores, event planning and strategic marketing for fashion-industry businesses.

What do you miss most about Kansas City (besides family and friends, of course!)?

We definitely miss our friends first and foremost, but beyond that… I miss so many things: our church, Jacob’s Well; exploring at First Fridays; enjoying Spring evenings on the lawn of the Nelson; and shopping at all of the great vintage and thrift stores for new fashion finds!

What was your biggest surprise when moving to New York City?

I was instantly surprised by how un-stereotypically nice every one is! Of course, you get the occasional rude person, but it has been that way everywhere I’ve lived. People warned us that everyone would be so harsh and abrasive, but we haven’t found it to be that way at all. I’m also constantly (pleasantly) surprised by how many different cultures and languages can exist in such a concentrated area. I love it!

How long have you been a “fashionista?”

I’ve loved expressing myself through my personal style ever since I was a little girl, but my “fashionista” blog persona is only about three years old. 😉

Where do you look for fashion trends?

I love spotting color combos, textures and patterns in the world around me and incorporating them into my daily outfits. I think that because I am so inspired by the world around me, my own style develops and changes as we’ve traveled and moved to different cities – kind of cool to see the progression!

What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

I feel the most inspired when I’m cooking or spending time outdoors, but I also love looking to vintage clothing and my fellow fashion bloggers for inspiration.

What is your personal style?

I love experimenting with a quirky mixture of vintage pieces combined with modern trends and a touch of tomboy thrown in for good measure. 🙂

What is your favorite place to shop?

Thrift stores and vintage shops!

Tell me about your favorite outfit.

Definitely don’t have a favorite specific outfit, but recently, I’ve noticed that I feel the most confident in bright colors and flowy silhouettes.

What is your favorite “go-to” legwear?

Ever since I’ve started working from home a few years ago, I seem to live in simple black leggings!  For the days that I’ve got to look great for out of the office meetings, I love spicing up a more basic look with solid knee-highs in fun colors.

What is the best way to update an outfit?

That kind of depends… A fabulous pair of heels usually does the trick for me!

What never goes out of style?

One of my favorite trends that I doubt will ever go out of style has been around since the 40s is women wearing menswear inspired pieces… SO easy to do well, and incredibly chic!

What is the next trend we can expect this fall/winter?

I’m looking forward to boxy outerwear, chunky knits and pretty pleated skirts and dresses!

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