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Finding Fashion Focus with Tim Gunn

I love to be organized but I hate the process because I just don’t know where to begin!

At home, I have no trouble throwing away papers, old magazines (after I’ve torn out my favorite pages, of course), and worn out shoes, but when it comes to organizing my clothes closet, I have a hard time.

Each time I pull something off the hanger, I just know that I will need it sometime. For example, I am going to an Annie Hall party this weekend. Good thing I hung onto my vests and big shirts! I also have my old gym suit that I conveniently wore to my high school reunion lunch. (No one could believe I still had it or could even wear it!) I did not wear my prom dress to the dinner, in case you are wondering…but I still have it!

But this year is different. Seriously. I am tired of looking at my full closet of clothes that I no longer love, can’t wear, or just don’t need. By writing this blog, I am committed to donating many items to my favorite charity and scaling down my closet to the best basics possible.

To begin my editing process, I look to Tim Gunn, fashion guru and co-host to the latest ABC show, “The Revolution,” who has created a list of the Ten Essential Wardrobe Items.

  • Basic Black Dress
  • Trench Coat
  • Classic Dress Pants
  • Skirt
  • Classic Blazer
  • Classic White Shirt
  • Day Dress
  • Cashmere Sweater
  • Jeans
  • Sweatsuit Alternative
  • Bonus: One Indulgent Trendy Item Under $20

“You should and must personalize these items. They’re not all the same for everyone, so select styles that pertain to your own lifestyle and your own taste,” Tim Gunn says.

I agree with this list and what he has to say because these items are foundational, and his quote says it best. In order to personalize these items you must know your style, body type and what will work for you. Read this article for more details.

One of the easiest, most economical and fun ways to personalize a look is with accessorizing–adding your personality and style to a basic wardrobe.

Besides shoes and jewelry, you can change your look with tights and leggings. With so many choices of colors, patterns and textures, one can take a basic ordinary outfit from boring to something unique and fresh.

Since legs are a definite fashion focus this year, I hope that you will check out our microfiber tights, printed tights and our leggings to add personality and style to your basic wardrobe!

What do you think of Tim’s list?

What are your favorite basics?

How do you add personality to your wardrobe?

Can you define your “style”?

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