Move over, Little Black Dress: The Long White Shirt is here!

In February, while attending WINN, ATS, and MAGIC in Las Vegas (accessories shows for wholesale and retail vendors), I was overwhelmed by all of the fabric patterns and designs ranging from large and small floral prints to tie-dye and batiks. But amidst all of the visual chaos, I also noticed something that seemed to appear consistently throughout the show—that is, the clean, white blouse.

Outfit credit: Kenneth Cole

Fashion enthusiasts always talk about the “little black dress” as being an important staple in one’s wardrobe; I do not disagree, but I also believe that the “little white shirt” is just as important. I don’t know what I would do without my white shirts. My go-to blouse is my white collared long sleeved, long blouse that I can wear over my leggings and jeans. As a matter of fact, I can wear it with everything. Boring? Never!  I always try to layer on some great jewelry or a fun scarf or a belt. I will also wear solid tights or leggings to add contrast and interest. I love the way our model wears the red belt and red heels with the white blouse in this shot for our spring look book.

Not all white blouses are created equal, as you know. At the shows, I saw a full range of styles and textures—everything from collared white blouses that were crisp and wrinkle-free—to natural cottons with lavish embroidery. There were classic tailored styles to “boho” loose and oversized. I love the oversized boyfriend shirt, a current trend, worn by Kiera Knightley.

In the recent March VOGUE there were several white shirts that I noticed, confirming the never-out-of-style white blouse. There seems to be a white blouse for everyone’s taste and style, from winter to summer.

I think the little white blouse is all about how you wear it and what accessories you pair with it to make the style statement you want.

Do you have a favorite white blouse?

What is your style?

How do you take a white blouse from boring to extraordinary?

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