Mismatched Fashion

Anything goes together…. or does it?

One of the great trends of the spring season is mismatching patterns, colors and designs. Florals are mixed with plaids, animal prints are mixed with florals, etc. Stars such as Helena Bonham-Carter mismatched her shoes at the Golden Globe Awards, wearing one red and one green shoe. As she told PEOPLE,
“Why not wear mismatching shoes? Who says we can’t? I was just having fun. For me, fashion is all about fantasy and putting unlikely things together. That’s what I love. I genuinely love dressing up.” She continued, “Fashion is all about having fun. I think fashion has been hijacked by the fashion industry creating rules on what on should wear and I feel like breaking the mold and seeing that the world won’t crumble.” 

I think mismatching is great as long as there is at least a common color, texture, or idea to the look.

Why not mix and match socks? It certainly creates a fun interesting look with jeans and short skirts.  We have created five fun combinations of socks, each with four mismatched designs in a pack. The colors coordinate, but the designs are each different. No two pairs will be alike and no matter what two socks you choose, you can’t go wrong!

Photo cred: http://jeangreige.blogspot.com/

What do you think about mismatched fashion?

Would you wear mismatched shoes?

How about mismatched socks?

One Response to “Mismatched Fashion”

  1. Rochelle March 8, 2012 at 11:32 am #

    I’d wear mismatched shoes if they were two different colorways of the same style. I wouldn’t want to be walking unevenly. Mismatched socks definitely!
    Things don’t have to match, they have to flow. ;D
    I don’t like it when people throw completely different things together just for the sake of putting stuff together… or colors that clash.. sometimes it just *doesn’t* work together!

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