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Behind the scenes with Foot Traffic

Spring 2012 Look Book Photo Shoot

I assume many of you have been behind the scenes of a project. As you know, the trick is to make it look as simple and seamless as possible, as if it just happened. Well, we all know that is not the case, but if you have a reasonable plan, with cooperation, good luck and good people, it somehow comes together.

At our recent photo shoot, I knew I could only control so much. I had the terrific photographer, Gary Rohman lined up, as well as an edited selection of new items from Foot Traffic that I wanted showcased.

I bought the backdrop colors I wanted for each of the shoots and I had three fun, wonderful models lined up that I prayed would not get sick. We had one night to photograph over 20 shots and that was it. The photographer was moving his studio the next day, and the models could only work this particular night.

Of course, we had a plethora of tights, leggings and socks to choose from, but I asked the models to bring their own clothes and gave a moderate amount of coaching as to what they should bring. We had a list of the socks, capris and fashion legwear that we wanted featured, but who knew if it would go with the clothes that they brought??? My fingers were crossed as the models showed up and laid out their clothes, shoes, etc. Fortunately, as we pulled the ensembles together to go with the Foot Traffic items we wanted featured, the shoot was ready.

Now, for the fun part. I always have an organized list of what I want, but I love to hear what the models think. Some of the combinations came from their ideas and enthusiasm for certain looks. I am all about making it better and more realistic in the way of fashion and style.

Good thing these ladies have a great sense of humor. We took about 20 photos of each pose; they have to do some of the photos over and over as Gary, our perfectionist photographer, likes to makes sure the lighting is just right for each shot.  As one or two of the models are being photographed, I have the other model(s) getting ready for the next shoot. It’s a very fast-paced process!

Clothes end up strewn all over the room as the models perfect their ensemble. The models’ energy was contagious; these ladies are so cute and fun to work with, even though the night was hectic. I love you Gerilyn, Janelle, and Sarah!

The founder of the company, Charlie, is always on site, making suggestions and even modeling when we need him to. Everyone participates; even Samson, the cat, contributes when tempted by treats. (We feed our models as well…)

I wish we could showcase even more of our products, but we only have so much time and by the end of the long evening, we are ready to go home, sleep and start thinking about next season’s look book!

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