It’s National Color Therapy Month!

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Yeah! It’s National Color Therapy Month. So, what does that mean?

It means that it is a good time to think about the colors that surround you in your environment, as well as the colors that you choose to wear. How often have you felt uncomfortable in a room or a place and did not understand why? Or, why do you feel good wearing some clothes and not others? It’s probably the color. Colors are non-verbal and create a certain emotional and physical reaction that is worth noting. Since ancient times, people have used the power of colors to affect emotional and physical behaviors. Color can impact an outcome based on the context.

For example, red symbolizes passion and aggression. When we see red, it actually can increase our heart rate. Red is often the color of the interior of restaurants as people will eat more in a room that is red because red stimulates the blood and creates hunger. It also creates a romantic passionate environment.

However, in scientific studies, it was documented that if a person even sees a flash of red prior to a testing situation, they associate the test with failure and mistakes, which comes from the historical use of red pens to correct mistakes on papers.

Based on our individual coloring we each have different colors that we are attracted to. Have you ever had compliments on an outfit every time you wear it? It’s usually because of the color. I worked retail for a few years and remember a lady that came in with 6 color chips. She only buys clothes in those colors. Nothing else. I admired her discipline and thought about what a good idea it is to be so self aware. If only I would edit my wardrobe that way rather than always being influenced by the latest color trends.

Check out this site to learn more about the meaning of individual colors and how they impact behaviors.

Take time this month to edit out the colors in your wardrobe that don’t make you feel good. Then, look for new fresh colors for spring that will make you feel great and will get the emotional response from others that you are looking for! While you’re at it, check out all the great tights colors Foot Traffic has to offer!

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  1. Eleyne-Mari March 7, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    HAPPY NATIONAL COLOR THERAPY MONTH! As the organizer of this annual event, thank you so much for helping us celebrate the healing power of color. Additionally, your readers may find worldwide events listings and articles at And don’t forget to stop by the free online LUMINARIES Color Conference, featuring 22 world color experts! It’s open 24/7 thru March 31 at “Change your Colors…and you change your World!”

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