Guest Blogger: “The Winter Road Trip” by Tim

How Foot Traffic Smart Gloves helped me keep my cool

Foot Traffic Smart Gloves

For New Year’s Eve my wife and I decided to visit some friends in bone-chilling cold Minnesota. The trip was a fun and much-needed getaway; however, I’d be lying if I said it went smoothly. This is my personal account of the unfortunate events of a road trip gone wrong.

Road Trip Prep

If you are like me, when your phone rings in the wintertime and you’re outside in the cold, you just don’t answer. If you don’t have gloves your hands freeze as you hold the phone. If you do have gloves, you’ve got to remove one, answer your iPhone and then put it back on!

I’m loading bags into the car…ring – “Honey, you forgot one.”

I went to fill up the tank…ring – “Honey, pick up snacks.”

I’m putting air in the tires…ring – “Honey, I’m ready.”

I’m locking the door to the house…ring – “Honey, don’t forget to lock the door.”

Now, by no means am I saying that my wife calling me four times in five minutes is annoying. I’m merely stating the fact that if I didn’t have my Smart Gloves, I might have become slightly perturbed.

The Unexpected

Driving north on I-35 is a peaceful, simple trip. We’ve done it a couple of times and it’s quite relaxing. We were in great moods and excited to see our friends. So, when a bolt punctured our tire, we weren’t annoyed. When we pulled over to change the flat, I wasn’t annoyed. When I realized my father didn’t replace the tire jack where it belongs, I wasn’t annoyed. Now, if I had to call my dad on the phone while searching in the trunk of my car on the side of the highway with semis breezing by all while one of my hands is exposed to the freezing 12 degree Iowa weather simply because I needed to push 10 digits on my smart phone, I might have become slightly perturbed. But I didn’t; I had my Smart Gloves.

After finally making it to the Twin Cities we started to enjoy ourselves. We went to the museum, a couple great restaurants, a comedy show and stayed as far away from the Mall of America as possible. Unfortunately, my buddy didn’t have such a great New Year’s Eve. He proceeded to lose his wallet, his scarf and then my wife and me to a crazy downtown crowd.

Now, I may have been annoyed by the fact that in order to get a cab ride I had to succumb to an annoying $2.50 surcharge from those fancy Wells Fargo touch screen ATMs, but I wasn’t. Or, at the fact that we had to navigate Google maps just to locate the ATM, but I wasn’t. Why was I able to keep my cool? You guessed it: my awesome Smart Gloves.

During the winter months, stay warm AND connected…get a pair of SMART GLOVES!

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