Love Your Pet Day! Who knew?

I thought that was every day…

Celebrate your favorite furry or feathered friends all this week! 

Yesterday was Love Your Pet Day, but that doesn’t mean the love can’t last through the week…or forever, for that matter!

Spend extra time with your pets and remember that they need love, too. Give them special treats, extra pats on the head and more hugs than imaginable.

Perhaps it is a good time to buy a new collar, leash, or food dish. Perhaps they need a good bath or grooming. I have a Labradoodle and a Dachshund so I think I will take them for an extra long walk tonight when I get home.

And what will I be wearing? One of our fun pairs of socks from our large selection of dog and cat socks. The Dachshund pair will do just fine.

What a good excuse to spend more time with your furry, feathered or scaled friends!

So, tell us

What kind of pet(s) do you have and what will you do special for your pet today?

Do you have “pet” socks?

What types of pet socks should we add to our selection?

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