Featured Blogger: Katie of SkunkBoy Creatures

I am excited to introduce you to Katie from Skunkboy Creatures!

Katie is a blogger that shares not only her clever creations, but also her unique style that will surely make you smile. I am a nut for plush characters and the hand-made cuteness that Katie designs. Her playful attitude and fashion sense will hopefully inspire you as much as it does me!  Of course, she loves colorful tights and legwear, so we love her even more. Enjoy!


What is your personal style?

My style is very much girly vintage.  I primarily wear vintage dresses or skirts with colored tights and socks.  I also have a little obsession with antique jewelry.  There is something so beautiful about old brooches and lockets.

How long have you been a “fashionista”?

I didn’t really start noticing fashion and trends until the beginning of my high school years.  Even though my style was much different then, I still really enjoyed finding unique pieces that reflected my personal style, just like now.

Where do you look for fashion trends?

I think the best places to look are fashion blogs that you relate with, your friends, and magazines.

What is the best way to update an outfit?

My favorite way to update an outfit is layering!  Putting a collared shirt under a sleeveless dress or throwing a sweater over a dress are both great ways to change up a look.

What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

There is so much inspiration on Pinterest.  I can spend hours and hours looking through photos on that site.

Tell me about your favorite outfit.

I can’t think of just ONE favorite outfit, so I’ll be a little more general.  A favorite outfit would include a dress with a high waist and a great collar, contrasting tights, and wooden heeled clogs.  Oh, and there should be at least one bow somewhere.

What is your favorite place to shop?

Ebay and Etsy can both be great resources for good vintage clothing.  I also shop a lot at ModCloth and ASOS.  You can find some great pieces there as well.

What is your favorite “go-to” legwear?

Colored opaque tights are definitely my go-to legwear.  My absolute favorite color to wear is dark green.  They go with almost everything (except red because that would be way too Christmasy) and are a little different from my normal color palette.

What never goes out of style?

This will probably sound corny, but a smile and a positive attitude never go out of style.  There’s nothing more attractive than someone who radiates happiness.

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  1. Tera March 16, 2012 at 2:35 pm #

    So I read your blog and I love your outfits.. But I am young so I cant have a job and my mom doesnt like to give me money all that much.. How can I make cute vintage girly outfits with the clothes I have now?

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