It’s that time of year when we love to acknowledge our co-workers, friends, and family but we want something personal, inexpensive, unique, and fun.  VOILA! The perfect gift is a fun pair of novelty socks! With over 200 choices, certainly you will find something for everyone on your list.

…..And they are under $10!

Even better…$6 a pair when you buy 3 pairs! 

Why not start a tradition and give all of your family members socks in their holiday stockings that fit their personality?! I used to give crazy boxer shorts to my boys and now I give them fun socks. They love it!

Everyone will thank you for a gift that fits their feet and their personality, and is fun and functional.

Ideas for HIM:

Foot Traffic Mens Taxi SocksFoot Traffic Mens Flame Socks

We all know guys can sometimes be difficult to buy for.  Even they admit it.  If it’s not technology, a new car, or tickets to a big game, then the list gets short quickly.  So here are a few stocking stuffer ideas to give with the socks if you want to take it another step:

Poker socks and poker chips

Beer socks and his favorite brew

High top sneaker socks and a basketball

Music socks and his favorite music CD

Flame socks and some hot, spicy BBQ sauce

Chili peppers socks and some chips and salsa

Golf socks and some favorite golf balls

Cowboy boot socks and beef jerky

Smiley face socks because he makes you smile!

Ideas for HER:

Foot Traffic High Top Sneaker SocksFoot Traffic Snowflake SocksFoot Traffic Tropical Drinks SocksFoot Traffic Allover Wine SocksFoot Traffic Bright Kitties SocksFoot Traffic Smiley Face Socks

Women and girls love to get socks because they look adorable with booties and are a great conversation starter. Some ideas:

Cowboy boot socks and a bandana

Martini socks and a designer martini glass

Music note socks and a favorite CD

Chili peppers socks and some spicy salsa and chips

Cat socks and a cat toy for her furry friend

Dog socks and a dog toy for her dog

Wine socks and a bottle from her favorite vineyard

Alligator socks and Cajun spices

Tropical drink socks and some drink umbrellas


SOCKS are also a great way to present GIFT CARDS. Just tuck the card in the socks, tie a bow and you are done!

Golf socks / gift card to his favorite golf course or sporting goods store

Poker socks / airline ticket to Las Vegas

Taxi socks / gas gift card

Guitar socks/ tickets to a concert or itune card

Chili pepper socks/gift card to a favorite Mexican restaurant

Tuxedo socks/ symphony tickets

Tropical socks/ airline ticket to Mexico

Pet socks/ gift card to her favorite pet store


Have a TOES-TY WARM holiday and don’t forget to buy yourself a pair!

Let us know what your favorite stocking traditions are!


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