New Year’s Eve: Keeping it Simple

Kissing by the socks

“What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?”

There is an expectation that we should go out, get festive, and ring in the New Year with fireworks, dancing and partying. I admit I have enjoyed this monumental event of kissing at midnight, confetti, champagne, and celebrating long into the next day. But these last few years, by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, I do not want to plan another thing, eat more food or drink more wine. I have come to enjoy the quiet that follows the rush of Christmas and I guess I would rather just merge into next year rather that do a “party plunge.” I am grateful for good health, a wonderful family, and great friends and prefer to just relax and reflect on the past year.

So don’t call me and ask me to party this year.
But I think I will just put on my crazy socks, relax, make a toast, and call it a year.

What will you do on New Year’s Eve?

Do you party hearty?

Go out with friends?

What is your favorite New Year celebration?

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