Fall 2011’s “It” Accessory! by the Fashionista Coach

We are so excited to have Amanda, The Fashionista Coach, be our guest blogger this month. Writing from sunny southern California, Amanda shares her fashion advice and latest trends. Check out her website at www.thefahionsitacoach.com.

She rocks and her advice is always right on. We love legwarmers too. ..do you? Let us know what you think!


Hi Fashionista!!

I’m Amanda, Fashion & Style blogger from www.TheFashionistaCoach.com here to share some goodies with you about what’s happening in the fabulous and stylish department for Fall!  But can I just say how excited I am to guest blog at Foot Traffic today!   Wow!! I feel honored to collaborate with an amazing bunch and share my two cents on fashion with you!  My goal today is to give you the scoop on the hottest Fall 2011 trend and how you can rock it!  Are you ready?!

Okay! Here it is…..Leg warmers! Yes, leg warmers are going to rank the highest for Fall 2011!  This trend will make you look so hot for Fall because not only is it inexpensive (who doesn’t love saving money?!), but it is effortless to pair and wear.  How so? Leg warmers add flair, style and comfort to your look just like a scarf but on a much larger scale!  Can you stand it?!

Fashionista Coach in Foot Traffic Argyle Knee High Socks

I am in the picture above with my Foot Traffic Camel Argyle Leg Warmers– (which were only $10 BTW)!!  This style of the leg warmers fit my look best since I was wearing a preppy outfit.  (Argyle print goes hand-in-hand with the preppy style! 😉 In order for you to find the right style of leg warmers for your day time look, ask yourself what colors you like to wear most often during the day, then choose one of the millions of options Foot Traffic has available!

Now, let’s talk leg warmers for evening timeWhat was that? Did I hear you say you can’t rock leg warmers at night unless you’re going to an 80’s party?  Well let me tell you that Leg Warmers have evolved Sweetness!  Oh yes, that is right! Leg warmers are more fabulous than they were in the 80’s thanks to the new and improved look.  No more bulky fabric.  It’s all about sophistication! You will look so chic that you could take the lead in The Real Housewives of New York City, LuAnn de Lesseps music video of “Chic C’est La Vie!”

Fashionista Coach in Foot Traffic ots leg warmers

With that said, I know you’ve got a pair of black pumps sitting in your closet dying for a night out!  Pull them out and rock them with Foot Traffic’s Over-The-Shoe Leg Warmers and your favorite dress or skirt and start “wowing” Fashionista!

Fashionista Coach in Foot Traffic Knee High Socks

Bonus Styling Tip: Layer a white pair of leg warmers with Over-The-Shoe Leg Warmers for a fun and different look, like I did above!

Remember to choose leg warmers that go with the overall color theme of your outfit! Ditch the idea that leg warmers are for an eighties theme party, because as we all know now they are stylish and chic for any time!

Have fun with your leg warmers, Fashionista!

Stay Stylish!


Your Fashion Coach

Amanda Roquemore

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