“Happy Feet—Yes, I have hap-hap-happy feet…

Give them a lowdown beat, and they begin daaancing…”

Remember that song from Cab Calloway? Maybe not, but did you know that when you choose colors to wear each day, those colors will reflect your inner personality and express that mood to others, so why not start with your feet?!

Make your day happier–for yourself and others.

In an article found on FamousWhy, one of the editors shared some very interesting information about how color effects emotion from a fashion design perspective.

BLUE: blue is a consistently favorite color, which understandably also makes it a popular color in the fashion design world. That is because the color blue creates a feeling of calm and serenity. Also, whoever wears this color gives off a sense of professionalism and loyalty – which is where the term ‘true blue‘ comes from.

RED: red represents fire and deep passion. Red causes your breath to catch and also increases the heart rate. When someone wears red you know they are tough and relentless – they are fighters. While that may be a desirable image to portray at times, wearing too much red might be perceived as provoking others and antagonistic.

GREEN: green is a harmonic and charming color, not unlike blue. All shades of green that are organic and similar to nature are associated with wealth and fame. Wearing dark green is a sign of a dominant personality, and it reflects that you are ruthless and are ready to excel in life. However a softer green is calming and reflects nature.

YELLOW: yellow is known as the happiest color of all and brings out the positive side in you. It’s a color of optimism and is said to inspire concentration and creativity; which explains the yellow sticky notes and legal pads.

ORANGE: the color orange merges the characteristics of both red and yellow. Thus it tones down an individual’s assertive side, while expressing enthusiasm and joy.

PURPLE: the color purple expresses wisdom, respect and nobility. It has been used all across history as the official color of royalty. Wearing purple represents a certain charm and dignity. Another aspect of purple is that it represents creativity, independence and a sense of exotic imagination.

BROWN: being a natural tone, brown equates to trust and someone being down-to-earth. Brown is often used by designers to represent people who are intellectuals. It is a solid color regularly capable of replacing black as a stable in the closets of the fashion forward. Brown can also be sad and wistful.

BLACK: black will always be considered the most official and eternally elegant color in the fashion world. Black represents power, wonder, and ethereal grace as well as a sense of drama and mystique. It can also represent submission, as worn by priests.

WHITE: White reflects light and is considered a summer color. White is popular in decorating and in fashion because it is light, neutral, and goes with everything. White represents purity and innocence.

So, ladies and gents, knowing how color expresses your personality doesn’t mean you have to dress in bright colors from head to toe. But, this summer when the sun is shining and your spirits are high, shed your dark socks and share your inner crazy mood with others with a bright, fun pair of novelty sock from Foot Traffic. (Website)

Let your feet do the walking… and the talking!

Yes, I have happy feet!

(Read more:http://articles.famouswhy.com/color_psychology_-_how_color_affects_emotions__from_a_fashion_design_perspective/#ixzz1MpAAacli)

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