Navy Blue and White stripes-It’s a Classic

As we watch the spring and summer fashions hit the retail aisles this season, we are delighted and excited about the fun colors of coral, turquoise, yellow and blue. We’ve blogged about it and discussed how to wear the fun colors.

However, let’s not forget the classic navy blue and white stripes that will always, and I do mean always, be a classic look year after year.

How did this idea originate and why is it still so popular?

It is said that when Coco Chanel was having an affair with the Duke of Westminster she was eager to adapt to his yachting activities and interests so she began to wear wide-legged sailor pants, striped boat neck sweaters and flat boating shoes, inspired by sailor attire.
The look soon became popular when Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn began sporting the look. It immediately caught on and continued into the 60’s, most often associated with the rich and country club patrons.

It was reinforced once again in the 60’s when Jackie Onassis summered in Cape Cod and regularly wore her boat-neck t-shirts, white capris, and sandals, and oversized sunglasses.

This preppy nautical look has been interpreted by every major fashion designer most notably Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.

This spring we are seeing the nautical theme targeting the younger crowd, 18 – 30. The biggest message is to not overkill the look by adding anchors, sailboats, and knots.  In other words, don’t go overboard. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

Here are a couple of ideas for wearing the navy and white look:

  1. Navy blue and white t-shirt with white skinny jeans. Punctuate it with a turquoise, red, coral or orange purse and accessories
  2. Navy blue and white striped sun dress with natural wedgies and a simple white, red, or  turquoise purse.
  3. White capris with a simple navy and white striped t-shirt and natural sandals.

Here is a great look created on

Also, take a look at these fashions found on Teen Vogue by Junya Watanabe (photo: Fairchild Archive)

If you are looking for “hard to find” navy blue leggings, tights or thigh highs – be sure to check out these classics on our Foot Traffic website.

So, as we tuck away our winter clothes and rethink our spring and summer wardrobes, make sure you have included some fun nautical blue and white stripes. Have fun!

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