Boot-i-licious cowboy boots for spring! Yee-Ha!

I do not pretend to know much about cowboy boots but I know I want a pair. A couple years ago I sold my red snakeskin boots that I bought in Aspen in a garage sale and have kicked myself ever since. I am now on the hunt for something that makes me smile—and fits my big feet, of course!

Every time I see women on the street with cowboy boots I love the look.

As the weather gets warmer, women of all ages are sporting their inner cowgirl and trading in their Uggs for fun cowboy boots.  I love it.

I am learning what to consider when buying cowboy boots. When searching on line, I found this great article, not to mention this great photo.

Check out “Guide to Choosing Cowboy Boots”

Although these seem like logical points it is always good to be reminded of what you need to consider when buying a pair of boots.

Here are 4 things I suggest you consider before your purchase…

I put this first because once I put on my shoes or boots, I am ready to go and I do not want to even think about my feet.
Try them on before you buy!

There are so many styles of cowboy boots out there it makes my head spin. The traditional style is the classic look that has been around for years and worn by both men and women. It has a pointed toe and average heel height.

Fashion boots are enjoyed by women and come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and materials. There are so many fun choices which leads me to the next category— materials.

Most boots are made of cowhide but other materials include, buffalo hide, snake skin, ostrich, eel, and crocodile. Of course the better the material, the longer your boots will last.

Check out the hand made boots from Back at The Ranch in Santa Fe, NM.

Boots come in all heights and the traditional boot has a tall shank that covers the calf.  Now there are all heights from ankle boots to mid-calf so it is just your preference.  Heel heights vary as well so know how you are going to wear them so they will fit your style and needs.

So, how do you wear cowboy boots this spring without looking like you are headed to the ranch?

First, don’t try to dress like a cowgirl, unless you are one.

They are casual footwear that just happens to be cowboys boots. They look fresh and fun for spring when worn with a cute, dress, denim skirt or with your favorite jeans, leggings or tights.

The traditional way to wear a boot is letting your boot leg jeans cover the top of the boot so just the toe shoes.  This is a classic look that flatters almost anybody because it elongates your legs, making you look tall and lean. It’s also fun to give the classic boot a modern kick in the pants.

Fun, spring fashion options include:

  1. Short dresses or skirts with bare legs and boots (I will wear a bamboo footy in my boot with this look)
  2. Short skirts with leggings and boots
  3. Tights with boots
  4. Knee high or thigh high socks to add a fun accent to your boots and legs

Whatever you are wearing this spring, have fun and think about adding some new or vintage cowboy boots to your boot-i-licious wardrobe.

Send us pics of how you are wearing your boots this spring!

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