For the past few years we have participated in the WWIN(Women’s Wear in Nevada) fashion shows in Las Vegas.  Whether you are a vendor, a buyer, or checking out the fashion trends, the show provides a great opportunity for vendors and buyers interested in the latest trends to get together to see, sell, and discuss the latest trends.

We enjoy reconnecting with other vendors that we have grown to know, reconnecting with our loyal buyers, and meeting new buyers that are anxious to sell our FT legwear and socks in their boutiques.
Of course, we are always excited to show off our latest designs, colors, and styles.

We participated in the WWIN show but enjoy visiting the other 2 shows that were also going on simultaneously, the WWDMAGIC show and ATS(The Accessories Show). Buyers scurried down the aisles in the hundreds of showrooms and focused on the best fashion solutions for their customers as vendors shared their best options for the upcoming summer and fall seasons.

After viewing the shows, it is exciting to see the trends that are emerging and knowing just how the FT legwear can be an important part of the fashion story for our customers.

Some of the trends that we noticed for the summer season include:

  1. Layering of soft fabrics
  2. Stripes, dots and tie-dyed patterns
  3. Mini floral prints
  4. Knits and crocheted accents
  5. Lace (all-over and used as an accent)
  6. Colors include soft corals and turquoise (as seen in Sue Cox Jewelry)
  7. Soft muted neutrals

With so many great trends, tights and leggings can complete your personal style now and into the next seasons.

Legwear trends included lots of textured tights and layering of textures over solid tights or socks over tights.  Light colors and textures were shown with summer fashions.

It was a great time in Las Vegas and we are ready to start on our new collection for Fall 2011.

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  1. Tara March 3, 2011 at 10:44 am #

    Thanks for sharing what you saw!
    I’m glad to be keeping my leggings and knitwear around!

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