Fashion layering for summer 2011

Watching the fashion frenzy at the recent runway shows, clearly layering is still an essential look for spring, summer and fall 2011.

Layering creates a clever way to change our wardrobe and pull pieces together that we never knew we could!

Plus, layering is a way to regulate our comfort as the thermostat seems to vary in our work environments and as we move from indoors to outdoors.

Without smothering ourselves in layers of clothing, start with the basic pant, skirt, or shorts, t- top or tank top, and great legwear. Once you have your foundation, the fun begins.

For spring we are seeing lots of sheer fabrics and soft cottons that are wonderful in combination with the new open weave knits, cropped shirts and structured jackets.

Layering can be subtle and coordinated staying monochromatic and interesting through mixing textures. This creates a harmonious look and with all of the fabulous neutrals at retail this spring, it is the perfect opportunity for this sophisticated look.

Or, layering can be less focused on coordination with more focus on creative combinations of fabrics and patterns such as mini prints, plaids, and knits being mixed in interesting ways.

As for legwear, tights are still important and layering an open weave pattern over a colorful opaque can bring attention to your legs and shoes. When wearing boots over tights, wear a fun pair of socks to peak out over the top of the boot.

Tights with shorts is a great look as we move into spring and summer so be creative with all of the unique textures and colors available.

Have fun with layering and know that the only fashion rules are the ones YOU make!

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