Functional, Fun Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are back. They were part of the fashion world in the 80’s made popular by such artists as Madonna. In 1984, at the first Music Video Awards, Madonna wore a white lace outfit with matching fingerless gloves. Other pop stars such as David Bowe and Cyndi Lauper set the trend.
Today, fingerless gloves are seen on the hands of contemporary artists such as Miley Cyrus, Katie Pery, Lady Gaga, Taylor Momsen, and Rihanna.

Our current text-savvy culture is embracing this practical glove accessory because they give you the freedom to text, work on the computer and drive without the bulk of regular gloves.

Fingerless gloves are not new.

As a matter of fact, they date back to as early as 1277, when worn by the earliest known English brass, that of Sir John d’Aubernon. They were above the mail armor, which terminates over the hands in chain mits. In 1566, Queen Elizabeth 1 wore a pair of white gauntlet-style dainty lace gloves. In 1750, fingerless gloves made of silk, lace-work, or kid were quite fashionable and worn during the summer in a variety of bright colors.

As a fashion statement, coordinate your fingerless gloves with your scarves, your leg warmers and your everyday wardrobe.
Fingerless gloves are a practical, fun way to keep warm while keeping your fingers text-ready!

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