2011 Fashion Colors- What’s New?

Color is personal.  We each have a color that we go to when we want to feel great. It is a color that we love, and you will see it in your wardrobe every season. But we each love to see what colors are forecast for the coming season. After all, we need change and we want to know how we can add new colors to our current wardrobe without throwing out our current favorites.
Honeysuckle InspirationWe turn to the Pantone Color Institute because they are the most widely recognized global authority on color.  They uncover what the most important seasonal color trends are in fashion by finding out what hues have provided inspiration to the designers of NY Fashion Week. Their report is used as a reference tool for those connected to fashion, retail, and the media. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute, and her team make their choices based on current events, psychology, economics, consumer behavior and socioeconomic issues.

“We look around not only at what’s happening in the news and the socioeconomic issues of today. With so much going on and people still very concerned with losing their jobs, we chose a color we felt would be energy-provoking and uplifting.”

So what are the colors for 2011?

The top pick for the 2011 Pantone color of the year is Honeysuckle, a vibrant shade of reddish pink. And as for why Honeysuckle specifically came into play, Leatrice Eiseman said,

“This particular shade of pink raises spirits, and several senses are affected by the color. The name is evocative of something that’s sweet to the taste, and nice warm days of spring and summer, and reminds people of the scent.”

Top 10 Colors for Spring 2011

Pantone’s top 10 colors for Spring Summer 2011’s women’s fashion, chosen by New York designers include an exotic mix of spicy hues and delicate silvery neutrals.
Pantone Colors 2011

  1. Honeysuckle – a playful pinkish-red
  2. Coral Rose – a spicy, warm sophisticated orange influenced by the colors of Africa and Asia.
  3. Beeswax – a warm honeyed yellow reminiscent of saffron spices from the East.
  4. Regatta – a cool vibrant teal-like blue.
  5. Lavender – a romantic and subtle lavender hue
  6. Blue Curacao – a turquoise blue that evokes images of the Caribbean sea
  7. Peapod – a fresh, spring-like yellowy green
  8. Silver Peony – a delicate pinky silver hue
  9. Russet – a soft deep mix of pink and beige reminiscent of the color of Spanish clay
  10. Silver Cloud – a timeless silver hue which is the quintessential neutral

How to wear these fresh new colors?
Mix them together, such as lavendar and coral rose, or Regatta and Beeswax, Honeysuckle and Silver Cloud.  And keep in mind that a great way to add that dash of color is with a great pair of leggings, thigh highs or tights to compliment your new spring look.  Just have fun and enjoy choosing colors that you love and help you feel great in your spring wardrobe.

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